Discover the magic of a direct shift into authenticity, love, joy, inner peace, well-being, vitality, creativity, and connectedness...

- susann and ernst von meijenfeldt

Immediate Shift Creators/Facilitators

The Immediate Shift Method is a simple and effective 3 – 5 minute self-coaching tool that empowers you to shift out of the grip of any physical, mental, or emotional habit or conditioning.

Relax into your heart and reconnect with its resources, wonderful inner qualities, and your innate intelligence.

With the Immediate Shift Method you can enjoy forming new pathways of your conscious choosing.

giving expression to who you really are

Immediate Shift™ Workshop

In our modern world with high demands of multi-tasking and intense pressure on our nervous system, everyone can benefit from being calm and rested, instead of overwhelmed and stressed.

About Us

Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt are Holistic Life Coaches and body-oriented Psychotherapists. Their passion is to support clients to heal, to grow, and to awaken to their heart's resources of authenticity, well-being, peace, love, and joy.


Enjoy reading the testimonials to see how participants benefit from the Immediate Shift™ workshop. If they can shift, you can shift too!

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Whatever life challenge, transition, or sorting-out process you are experiencing, it will be a privilege and a pleasure to assist you in discovering the freedom and joy of your authentic self.

Participant Experiences

“Best workshop I ever attended! Unforgettable, life changing, humorous and very lively." - Heidi, workshop participant

“I attended the Immediate Shift workshop and could not have been more delighted. I must say that the person I was when I started the workshop on the Friday afternoon, burdened with stress and exhaustion, was not the same person who left on Sunday afternoon! Since the workshop, I have used the Shift method regularly with myself and have found that I have 'new eyes' to see the world.”

Vistara, workshop participant

“I highly recommend the Immediate Shift training to for anyone with physical, mental or emotional challenges – basically anyone with a pulse – who would like the tools to create a powerful shift in their lives. Susann & Ernst are skilled facilitators who bring their particular gifts to make this work brilliant.”

Julia, workshop participant

“I've got a wonderful life, and after the Immediate Shift Workshop my life is even better. Whenever a belief, pattern, feeling or tension comes into my body, I take a moment and give myself the ’Immediate Shift’. Within a minute my mood changes to availability, relaxation and curiosity, open to what is asked of me.”

Sylvia, workshop participant
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