About Susann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt

Susann and ErnstSusann and Ernst von Meijenfeldt, Holistic Life Coaches, are a husband-wife team with background training in a variety of methods, process-oriented, body-oriented, and transpersonal coaching approaches. Their passion is to support clients to awaken from their human conditioning by opening their heart, and shifting into the authenticity, well-being, love and joy of their true self.

Together, they blend their individual gifts, strengths, talents, and complimentary qualities in providing couple coaching sessions, leading workshops, and facilitating Open Heart Circles. They co-created an effective self-coaching tool called the Immediate Shift Method. Those who have enjoyed their workshops speak of the delightful “dance” between their two different personalities—complimenting one another’s strengths. Their workshops are held in a space of tangible warmth, humor, and connectedness.

Before their marriage, Ernst and Susann spent decades on their own life-journeys of learning, studying, growing, and becoming. They both moved through many challenges of self-growth and integration—and now share from an honest and candid place about their own pitfalls, shortcomings, and “triggers” along the way. They also had a journey of development within their relationship. Although the depth of love between them was immediate and complete, there were still ‘hooks’ and ingrained patterns appearing in daily life. Their commitment to living from the heart—and knowing how to—was clear, yet there was still the tendency to fall into conditioned patterns when under pressure. Susann had already applied the basic principles of neuroplasticity in shifting out of severe burn-out and fatigue, bringing her nervous system back into balance, restoring full vitality and health. Susann and Ernst now took these same principles– coupled with the power of an open heart and true embodiment– and developed the Immediate Shift Method, a tool to shift out of any mental, emotional, or physical hook. Whenever a pattern or trigger would arise within their relationship, they would each apply the method directly—and shift. The results throughout their life together were powerful and impactful. Through this direct repeated application, they further refined the Immediate Shift Method into its present format.  They began to sustain the depth of love and fully living from the heart, amidst all of the everyday pressures of life. After applying the Immediate Shift Method over time, it has now been integrated into knowing directly how to sustain a true way of being, in the midst of any circumstance.

Workshop participants have spoken of the value of having two facilitators with complimentary masculine and feminine qualities. Susann and Ernst’s honesty and candidness creates a warmth and a transparency that participants trust and value.  Their open sharing enables participants to be at ease in showing their own conditioning, as they shift. Through leading many workshops, Susann and Ernst feel deeply honored and privileged to witness a profound shift in the participants.

“When people arrive the first day they often feel stuck in repetitive, habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and relating to themselves and others. By the end of the workshop, we see people leaving empowered, radiant, fully alive, and free. Liberating themselves to how they are meant to be. It brings us great joy to be part of each person’s process and becoming.”

Susann and Ernst

Together, Ernst and Susann have a combined background in many different approaches including: Integrated Philosophy, Hakomi (Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy), Re-Creation of Self (R-CS), Process Work, Focusing, CoActive Coaching, HeartMath Resilience Coaching, Awakening Coaching, Holotrophic Breathing, Releasing, Attitudinal Healing, Self-Compassion work, EFT and Havening. Their vast array of training and depth of resources enable them to provide tailor-made feedback, coaching, and personal support during their workshops.

Susann and Ernst have a private practice in Edmonton, Canada within the Integrated Therapies Holistic Clinic, and travel internationally offering their Immediate Shift workshops. They are also available by phone and Skype appointment.

Susann and Ernst live a life of “conscious relationship.” They view their relationship as the vehicle to unveil and embody more of who they really are. In addition to their workshops, they also offer Deeper Love coaching for couples who want to free their relationship from limiting, patterned ways of relating, and let true love blossom and flow between them.

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Testimonials from Workshop Participants:

“Susann and Ernst are skillful, knowledgeable, and exceptionally kind teachers. Their ability to carefully focus on each person and remain intellectually and emotionally present throughout the entire 3 days of the workshop was impressive, and created the type of trust and safety required for facilitating a group through this intense process. They are an extremely perceptive and effective tag-team, finishing each other’s sentences while each bringing their unique knowledge and abilities forward for the benefit of us all. I am extremely grateful for their loving guidance into this new way of experiencing life.”

“I am deeply grateful to Susann and Ernst who have creatively gathered various process tools and developed an effective approach to change and healing that assists each participant to be the best that they can be. Their warmth and open sharing makes learning the Immediate Shift Method comfortable, entertaining and safe.”

“Susann and Ernst are professional, experienced and caring facilitators and trainers. I felt completely supported and ‘held’, and their combined female and male energies were complimentary.”

“It was sweet to see how Susann and Ernst interacted. With such lightness and togetherness. Their sharing of their own difficulties and experiences was very supportive. We were all in it together.”

“As facilitators, Ernst and Susann combine their many abilities to hold a friendly, safe, playful, yet firm, space. They kindly allow no room for being a victim or coming from old ways of thinking. They simply and beautifully leave you no choice but to leap playfully into an Immediate Shift.”

“What struck me as being helpful was Ernst’s ability to rationally convey the facts about this method, supported with Susann’s demonstrative and animated ability, from her wealth of professional and personal experience.”

“Susann and Ernst were knowledgeable of the content, very skilled in its delivery, and held a space of safety and respect, with the right amount of humor, in which we all were able to explore the Immediate Shift Method.”

“Susann and Ernst facilitated with warm-heartedness, humor, kind insight and an ease, which made the group feel very safe and connected.”

“Ernst and Susann were coaching us in such dear way, full of humor and sparkle, with many examples from their own lives.”