Somatic Psychotherapy & Holistic Life Coaching

“I invite you to discover your true and authentic self… and to set free your natural qualities of authenticity, innocence, love, joy, delight, curiosity, creativity, groundedness, appreciation, kindness, clarity, and connectedness….” – Susann von Meijenfeldt

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

Our Authentic Nature

We all intuitively know that our essential nature is loving and kind, peaceful and joyful, creative and connected. It is a way of being we knew as young children, when we experienced the world with wonder, possibility, and delight. As we grew up, we became locked into limiting beliefs and negative inner voices, standing in the way of our connection with our authentic nature, and our joyful connection with others. These habitual ways of thinking and feeling—“living on autopilot”—prevent us from being fully alive and open to life’s spontaneous unfolding in the present moment. Yet it is not far away. Beneath the surface of our thoughts, lives our authentic self—our source of joy and completeness—awaiting our re-discovery and return.

When is Coaching Beneficial?

Susann von Meijenfeldt, Somatic Psychotherapist, Holistic Life Coach, Registered Social Worker, and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, draws from a rich palette of tools, methods, and life-experience. Each session is tailor-made to support each unique client. Holistic Life Coaching can serve a wide variety of intentions, from healing past wounds or traumas; moving past depression and anxiety; letting go of guilt, shame, stress, and critical inner voices; breaking out of ‘stuck’ places and ingrained patterns; finding more clarity in our choices—ranging from mundane decisions, to our life path and purpose; or simply unveiling more of the authentic you. Holistic Life Coaching serves not only those looking for healing and sorting through important life-issues; but also those seeking to deepen and expand their inner potential.

Finding Your Own Inner Resources

Susann’s Holistic Life Coaching is “resource-based”—meaning rather than focusing on your areas of ‘lack’ and incompleteness, she guides you beneath the surface, into your intrinsic wholeness. Through the doorway of our heart we access our inner resources. They include our innate clarity, our ability to self-heal, our capacity to come into balance, inner peace, and profound rest. When we rest in our hearts—we discover the magic of life. From this place of resources, our perspective shifts. Life’s problems, issues, and difficulties are viewed from a different lens. When we approach life from our wealth of inner resources, we have a heightened capacity to understand and deal with relationship difficulties, stress and anxiety, and challenges. Life’s difficulties are approached with an open curiosity and even inspiration—when viewed from within our fullness, rather than our lack. Holistic Life Coaching supports the client in implementing the new realizations into concrete steps; and applying these inner changes into every area of our lives.

Spontaneous Unfolding of Each Session

Sessions with Susann are “process-oriented”—they follow the organic flow and natural unfolding of each moment. Susann does not hold preconceived ideas about how a client’s process will—or should—unfold. She supports and facilitates each unique individual journey. The sessions are seated in the present moment. There’s not a direct intention to go digging into the past.  By being fully present in the moment, the remnants of our past may arise organically–to be made available for healing. When past wounding arises, it is met with extreme gentleness, kindness, and compassion. From this warm space of the heart, our stuck places loosen, and our wounds can heal.  We can resume gaps in our development, and mature in a healthy and wholesome way.

Unveiling Your Inner Potential

Sessions with Susann are wide open to possibility. They are spontaneous, often full of humor and the wonder of coming into more subtle awareness, seeing, and insight. Each session is fluid, held in an open curiosity about what may arise. There is no judgement in the sessions—there is only an availability to explore and meet whatever arises. As we work through our layers and coverings, we unveil more of our inner potential. And, there is always more to be discovered. Susann’s work with each client is an alive and dynamic unfolding—deeply connected, profoundly creative, and often magical.

Body-Inclusive Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching with Susann is a body-inclusive experience. Sessions go beyond mental processing or ‘talk therapy.’ Our body carries a wealth of wisdom and information. The shift into our heart naturally includes our full body. Susann is a trained Hakomi Therapist and highly skilled at reading the subtle cues, energies, and signals of your body. During the session, she may offer suggestions to attune to a specific region of your body, or to become aware of unconscious physical movements. In Hakomi Therapy—the body is known to be the highway of the subconscious belief system of our conditioning and habits. Hakomi Therapy demonstrates how our actions and ways of relating to others, are often motivated by subconscious structures, rather than our own conscious values and choices.  By becoming aware of these patterns imprinted in our body, we can free this bound energy, and live consciously. Live fully alive.

The Alchemy of Healing & Wholeness

Sessions are safe and supportive, with Susann holding each client in the utmost care and tender presence. When Susann listens to you, she does not just listen from her mind—she listens with her whole heart and body. As your Coach and Counselor, Susann’s role is not to give you simple answers or advice. In the safe and supportive environment of the sessions, you are invited to drop into the intelligence of your body and heart; realizing your inherent truth, wisdom and clarity. Within this space of open acceptance, and curious exploration—held in the presence of another—the alchemy of healing can occur.

Realization Made Practical in Your Life

Holistic Life Coaching with Susann supports you in expanding your ability to meet and to handle all of life’s challenges. The resources you discover within yourself can then be applied to all of aspects of your life. It begins in the space of the heart, and then ripples into all the details of practical life. As you come into more of your own inner resources, you will be better-equipped to meet life as it is, moment by moment. From here, arises a greater clarity, a finer sense of direction, more joy and love in life, and a profound connectedness.

“My work as a Coach-Counselor is also part of my deepest life’s purpose. I meet each person through seeing what is right beneath the surface of your limited thoughts—so complete, accessible, and waiting to be born. It is my privilege to be present as you discover the freedom and joy of your authentic self.”

– Susann