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Intelligent Energy Management Techniques Quick Guide

An overview of the main HeartMath tools.
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Heart-Focused Breathing Technique (HeartMath Tool)

This technique is a simple to use, energy-saving, self-regulation strategy designed to reduct the intensity of a stress reaction and to establish a calm, but alert state.
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Quick Coherence Technique (HeartMath Tool)

The power of this technique comes from activating renewing emotions. When you self-generate renewing emotions, you replace depleting emotions with ones that can renew your system.
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Inner-Ease Technique (HeartMath Tool)

The state of ease is a highly regenerative state that helps us flow more easily through challenges and builds our resilience capacity.
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Attitude Breathing Technique (HeartMath Tool)

Instate replacement attitudes and feelings that are more effective than depleting attitudes you experience.
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Freeze Frame Technique (HeartMath Tool)

Access your intuitive intelligence and create more objectivity to help resolve problems.
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Shift & Life Technique (HeartMath Tool)

This technique raises your vibration which can have an uplifting effect.
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Energy Draining & Energy Renewing Situations Worksheet

Identify situations that cause stress that drains your energy and situations that renew you and recharge your energy.
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Depletion to Renewal Grid Worksheet

A worksheet to help you understand depleting emotions vs renewing emotions.
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Educational Information

Care vs Over-care

How to make sure that your care remains nurturing for you and the other.
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Ebook: Science of the Heart, Rollin McCraty, Ph. D.

Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance.
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