Somatic Psychotherapy and Holistic Life Coaching

Welcome to a safe place for Healing, Growth and Conscious Choice…

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

Would you like to have a therapist/ life coach in your life who is wholeheartedly present with you in whatever you are facing? Someone who offers you professional, safe and nurturing support in times of challenge and change?

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, critical inner voices, shame, lack of confidence or early attachment wounding that affects your relationship to yourself and others?

Whatever hardship you are in, whatever change you are longing for, we are available to help you find your way to the new, and to inner calm, gentleness, balance and clarity. From there conscious choice in all areas of your life will unfold naturally.

We support you to build and sustain resilience, enabling you to move past wounding or trauma, and how that has impacted your interior, your nervous system and your life.

Would you welcome the benefit of re-connecting with your innate resources and heart qualities, that allow for healing from the inside out?

Our extended training in different methods of therapy and holistic life coaching allow us to offer you customized sessions in alignment with your individual needs.

We are dedicated to meet you and embark together on an explorative journey of healing, growth and conscious change….

Our sessions are either in person or online, but right now due to Covid-19 we work exclusively online.

Our practice is at Compassionate Counseling, a beautiful clinic centrally located in the Whyte Avenue area of Edmonton.

Please call, text or email us for a first appointment.