About Susann von Meijenfeldt

Background, Experience & TrainingSusann

Susann von Meijenfeldt is a highly skilled and gifted Holistic Life Coach, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Registered Social Worker, whose life’s work is part of her deepest heart’s calling.  Susann has received extensive training in a variety of methods and techniques, coupled with over 20 years of direct counselling experience. Her extensive training and broad experience enable her to draw from a depth of resources individually tailored for each unique client.

Susann is a Registered Social Worker through the Alberta College of Social Work; and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. She trained for over a decade in the Hakomi Method—also called Somatic Mindfulness Psychotherapy. As a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, she goes beyond “talk therapy”—into guiding her clients into full body awareness. This is an integral part of the therapeutic process. Susann is a Hakomi teacher and a faculty member of the Hakomi Institute. Susann is also a trauma therapist with certification in Somatic Experiencing SEP.

Susann is also a certified HeartMath Practitioner, Coach and Trainer. She trained with the HeartMath Institute in scientifically-based tools to help her clients to live from their heart. Clients build resilience by bridging the connection between their hearts and minds in the midst of their often busy and stressful lives. Susann’s role as a Counsellor is to help you discover who you really are, beneath the layers of patterns and conditionings.

Susann has a rich and diverse background in the Counselling field, working in a variety of areas that have developed her inner resources and skills, including 8 years in a women’s counseling agency; and as a Therapist in an immigrant and refugee agency. She facilitated a heart-based Bereavement Group for nearly a decade, helping people to move authentically through grief and loss. She engaged in many different trainings and is a certified practitioner in several therapeutic fields, listed below.

Susann provides Body oriented Psychotherapy and Holistic Life Coaching for individuals and for couples; process-oriented groups; and facilitates a variety of workshops, including the “Immediate Shift Method,” a highly effective self-coaching tool which Susann co-developed with her husband Ernst.

Susann’s Life-Journey

Susann’s own personal life journey has fostered her development as a Counselor-Coach. For Susann, coaching is more than an “occupation.” It is an integral part of her life-path and purpose.

From as young as she can remember, Susann was intrinsically propelled to a quest for healing and wholeness. Her hunger to realize true human beingness and to evolve, led her through a variety of studies, therapies, trainings, and transpersonal approaches. Her quest for deepest meaning was answered when she met a fully embodied awakened teacher of truth, who helped her discover the endless depths of her being, how to live uncompromisingly from an open and soft heart, and embody this in all of life. This rich unfolding continues to this day.

An integral part of Susann’s path was the healing and integrating of her own early life-traumas. Intense difficulties in her earlier life served as the catalyst to propel her deeper, unearthing her own resources, to find true healing and balance. This transformation through difficulty created a deeper heart-opening, that naturally overflowed into being present with others, as they move through their own life-processes. Her own transformation through difficulty has given her the ability to relate directly and intimately to peoples’ processes. Susann holds each client heartfully in a space of true listening and compassionate connection. This creates a safe space and the fertile ground for her clients to face their own challenges, and to grow, heal, and evolve.

Her Work & Special Skills

Susann is dedicated to being present with others in loving kindness, through any life circumstance, difficulty or transition; helping them reconnect to their heart’s inner truth and wisdom. From there, true growth, balance, and clarity unfolds from the inside-out. In that space of our heart, we naturally re-discover joy, love, freedom, clarity, and the innate qualities of our inner being.

The underlying principle of Susann’s work is “resource-based.” Rather than focusing on the ‘lack’ or seeming deficiency of her clients—Susann guides each client to enliven their deep well of inner resources. Susann relates to the wholeness and wisdom of each person. By seeing and reflecting this wholeness back to her clients, their own beauty shines forth into their awareness. Completeness replaces fragmentation and the belief in a conditioned identity. Susann’s ability to embrace all of human conditioning—while also knowing the way out of it–creates a warm-hearted and safe space bursting with potential, inviting the alchemy of true transformation for her clients.  She is akin to a “midwife” of the heart and our true potential—supporting you in giving birth to your authentic self.

“I feel profoundly moved and delighted to be part of people breaking through their conditioned ways and leaving behind their limiting beliefs; unveiling their authentic way, and blossoming into who they truly are.” – Susann

Susann presently resides in Edmonton with her husband Ernst, her stepson Daniel, and their happy flat-coated retriever Neo. She offers her work in Edmonton, and other cities, as well as through Skype and phone. Susann experiences deep delight in meeting each person she gets the privilege to work with.

Her training includes:

RSW – Registered Social Worker, Alberta College of Social Work
Certified Hakomi Practitioner and Teacher – Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy
Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner – SEP (Peter Levine/ Trauma Healing)
IFS – Internal Family Systems (Dick Schwartz) Level 1
Attachment Focused EMDR – (Healing Relational Trauma), Dr. Laurel Parnell Institue, USA
CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Europe, USA
Certified HeartMath Trainer and Coach (Building Personal Resilience), Institute of HeartMath, US
Recreation of Self – with Jon Eisman, Oregon, USA
Attitudinal Healing – Gerald Jampolsky, USA
Certified I-Release Therapist – Irelease® Institute, Germany
Awakening Coaching; Deeper Love Coaching – Arjuna Ardagh, USA
Transformational Presence Coaching – Alan Seale, USA
Several Contemplative approaches like Focussing, Tara Brach Meditation and Conscious Love, Awakening practices, Meditation, Reiki

Part of the teaching team developing an international online resilience training at the HeartMath Institute, “the Resilient Heart: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certification (2020)