Enjoy these testimonials about how much our participants benefit from the Immediate Shift™ workshop. If they can shift, you can shift too!

“Thank you SO MUCH for this awesome method. Taught in one weekend, the Immediate Shift has done more for me than numerous years of long-lasting therapy approaches of all kinds. 

As I practice and jot down the daily results I get a larger inner perspective. Obsessional thinking and behavior is softening, and I am drawn to my heart more and easier than ever before. ‘Let’s slow it down here and come to rest in my heart’ is really sending a subtle shining message somewhere within, echoing a knowing in my heart, illuminating my center. I feel gradually freed from this enslaved state I have known for 7 decades.

Of course, right after the workshop it is easier to practice often, and build a rich ground of self-discovery, creativity, solid expansion, deepening, and of a sagacious consciousness. The whole experience has taken me from wonder to wonder, from stuck-ness to release and freedom, from being annoyed by patterns to being in joy at cracking open the shell of the old history and beliefs.

Even a while after (5 months after), I know -and my entourage- have noticed a greater clarity and lightness of being in me… And this major shift only depends on the exercising of my own responsibility, my response to the calling of my own heart… 

Veronique A., Vernon, BC (Canada)

“What a delightful surprise! Susann & Ernst bring their years of experience, insight and heartfelt discoveries in a safe, inviting and playful atmosphere. They invite participants on a three-day exploration to examine their own experience and to consciously consider choosing a more expansive, whole and loving state of consciousness rather than reacting to life’s many challenges in an old conditioned pattern. Immediate Shift works!”

Petros E., Edmonton (Canada)

“After the Immediate Shift workshop, I felt a profound and visceral sense of peace and acceptance. I stopped constantly worrying about the future and re-playing the past, and instead found myself calmly and inexplicably living in the moment. How had this happened?! It continued to happen, as I practiced the 3-4 minute shift process every time I fell into old patterns of thinking, or even when I just felt a familiar discomfort in my body. I quickly shifted out of the pattern of socially isolating myself, and started taking music and writing workshops, and attending the community events I used to talk myself out of. The most amazing transformation I experienced is the ability to feel my feelings instead of dissociating from them: something that had created relationship problems throughout my life.

Susann and Ernst are skillful, knowledgeable and exceptionally kind teachers. Their ability to carefully focus on each person and remain intellectually and emotionally present throughout the entire 3 days of the workshop was impressive, and created the type of trust and safety required for facilitating a group through this intense process. They are an extremely perceptive and effective tag-team, finishing each others’ sentences while each bringing their unique knowledge and abilities forward for the benefit of us all. I’m extremely grateful for their loving guidance into this new way of experiencing life.”

Melisa B., Edmonton (Canada)

“There is not a day going by that I am not grateful for having learned the Immediate Shift Method with Susann and Ernst now 4 years ago. Practicing this technique, along with ongoing skilled and intuitive life-coaching from Susann has given me a new lease on life.

When I got lost in my mind it used to become worse and worse, being caught up in mental and emotional states which don’t serve me well – rumination, anger, anxiety, lethargy and procrastination. Without the Shift it escalates. With it I lower the negativity spin and come back into a calm place right away. When I use the Immediate Shift Method I am still amazed how within mere minutes I experience a significant positive shift in energy and emotion. And even when I choose to indulge a negative state rather than shift, deep down I still feel calmer and more in control of my life.

Knowing I have a road map for returning to a more joyful and centered place in my heart has been an empowering and life-affirming gift. I am able to shift into what I really am, the way I love and know to be. Thank you Susann and Ernst.”

Sarah S., Edmonton (Canada)

“I had been secretly wishing to practice brain plasticity for many months. So when I heard about the Immediate Shift Method I opened my mind (with difficulty) to the possibility of such a real and life-changing tool.

I was suffering from chronic anxiety, daily dread, depression and utter hopelessness. During the 3-day course, my mood went from hopelessness and acute anxiety to love, hope, and a feeling of lightness. But as the weeks after the workshop carried on, I noticed more changes. I started getting more courageous instead of combative. I started to dream things instead of being egotistical. I started to SEE my higher self in action in my daily life, and synchronistic events happened beyond my comprehension and explanation! Maybe the synchronistic events, the beauty and the hope were there before, but I was so caught up in my negative moods that I hadn’t noticed. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone. For me, it is bringing out a side of me that is wonderful, hopeful, and positive. Thank you Susann and Ernst.”

M.M., Calgary (Canada)

“I joined the Immediate Shift workshop out of professional interest. Being an Osteopath I have been able to witness the inter-connectedness between the body and mind. I am interested in every method, which helps to clear and change ingrained body-mind patterns. I am happy to recommend this method, as well Susann and Ernst’s professional abilities as facilitators. I was able to witness not only changes in myself over the course of the weekend but also in every one of the participants. We got more and more enthusiastic about the method as the weekend progressed. What also struck me as being helpful was Ernst’s ability to rationally convey the facts about this method, supported with Susann’s demonstrative and animated ability, from her wealth of professional and personal experience.

I am now recommending this method particularly to patients with chronic, hard to shift conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, R.A, Fibromyalgia etc., where the relaxation of the mind could play a crucial role in their recovery.”

Dr. E. Weber D.O.,N.D.,mATMS, (Osteopath), Byron Bay (Australia)

“I am feeling so fortunate that I decided to attend the Immediate Shift workshop this November. It has provided me with a profound method that allows me to shift out of limiting ways of being (i.e: bad habits like night-time snacking, grumpy interactions with my husband, fearful thoughts that hold me back, and times of stress and overwhelm, to name a few). I am very excited to have a method that is quick (yes, 3-5 minutes) and that I can apply ALL BY MYSELF. This is incredibly empowering.

After dedicating myself to catching each trigger, every small troubling thought, and every negative state of mind for the weekend of Immediate Shift workshop, I found an overall sense of peace growing in me. I was staying in these negative places for such a short time, it would rarely be remembered at the end of my day.
Being back to work has been different as I have less time in my day. But luckily, the process is quick. I have done it in my head while walking my dog and while driving to work. Other times I take the 3-5 minutes and do the entire process. This reinforces it and integrates it into my daily way of being.

I am deeply grateful to Susann and Ernst who have creatively gathered various process tools and developed an effective approach to change and healing that assists each participant to be the best that they can be. Their warmth and open sharing makes learning the Immediate Shift Method comfortable, entertaining, and safe.”

Pam Algar, Registered Psychologist, Edmonton (Canada)

“I attended the Immediate Shift workshop with my sister earlier this year and it was amazing. The people we met were so kind and the venue was gorgeous and perfect for a workshop. I have nothing but good things to say about Ernst and Susann and the care, hard work and research that they both put into this workshop. You can tell that they are fully committed to helping others break through blocks and ruts in their lives and to aid people in truly transforming their lives. Personally after the workshop, I have continued to use the techniques that I learnt and it brings me to a grounded and relaxed place immediately despite heightened emotions only seconds before. My favourite part of the workshop was learning about the neuroscience behind how and why these techniques work. I loved learning about how the brain is literally making new connections and actually changing as a result of the steps and techniques that we learnt. I have gone on to study and learn more about how the heart and brain are connected and I find it absolutely fascinating. I would recommend this workshop to everyone because there is always room for gaining tools and skills to deal with situations in life that feel unmanageable. I can say that the tools that I learnt will continue to be helpful to me in a profound way”.

Lisa Annemarie C., Edmonton, Canada

“My husband and I took part in the Immediate Shift workshop with Susann and Ernst, and I’m thrilled to share my experience. Susann and Ernst are professional, experienced and caring facilitators and trainers. I felt completely supported and ‘held’, and their combined female and male energies were complimentary and whole.

I experienced a profound shift during the workshop, and now I have immediate tools available any time I experience myself being out of balance. I don’t think I can express how good it is to be in charge of myself again, instead of past trauma, accidents, viruses and conditioning being in charge. Simple daily activities like driving, working, getting groceries, are no longer overwhelming and exhausting. I experience much more calmness, quiet restedness, an inner strength, and more capacity in general.

Doing the workshop with my husband has provided us with a deeper ground to be in together, and when we have conflicts. We are able to each take responsibility for how we are being, and the conflict completely disappears. I would be happy to recommend this training to anyone!”

Christy B., Edmonton (Canada)

“I took part in the 3-day Immediate Shift workshop with Susann and Ernst and was pleasantly surprised to find how effective and powerful this Immediate Shift Method is! I feel more vibrant, alive and have less IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) type symptoms. The Immediate Shift Method has allowed me to change beliefs that have triggered anxiety, feelings of being stuck, and the IBS. I find that I am no longer rushing around like I have been for so many years.

Susann and Ernst have poured a tremendous amount of time and love into this work. Thank you! Three weeks after doing the training I am applying the method consistently and I am seeing the benefits of it. The Immediate Shift Method is giving me a way to stop going down the path of a negative spin. The process has unearthed the next layer of deep holding patterns that I am now ready to be free of. This helps greatly with my relationship with my wife and with my clients at work. I plan to continue to do the process, because of the long-term benefits I want to achieve.”

Don B., Edmonton (Canada)

“I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago. The symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia impaired my ability to function normally and express fully in my life. Fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog and migraines limited the number of hours that I could function at any given day, the range of what I was able to do, as well as the quality of those hours.

In those 15 years I tried all kinds of different treatments, therapies, diets, supplements, exercises, etc., all to no avail, leaving me feeling helpless on how to help my body not be in so much distress. When I heard and read about the Immediate Shift Method I thought that it definitely would be a successful process to change behavioral patterns and decided to register for the workshop.

At first I did not comprehend how unconscious body functions could be influenced, but during the workshop I learned and understood how it could happen. I figured that if I had made the effort for so many previous treatments, I could invest some time every day to improving my condition.

Susann and Ernst are knowledgeable of the content, very skilled in its delivery, and hold a space of safety and respect with the right amount of humor, in which we all were able to explore the method.
Within one week my symptoms had decreased by about 75%; and now, 5 weeks later, I am functioning at 95%!! I recommend the Immediate Shift workshop highly, as a 3-day investment into a symptom-free future!”

Mariel H., Edmonton (Canada)

“I am very grateful to have participated in the Immediate Shift workshop. The Immediate Shift is such a practical, simple method to use in my daily life and it takes only 2-3 minutes to radically change.

Already in the first week after the workshop the use of the Immediate Shift Method bore fruit. I feel significant changes in my life, and my partner and I are very different in our togetherness. I am more often and more quickly aware of my ‘ruts’. I feel empowered to change these old habits every time I recognize them, and I am enthusiastic about re-programming them on the spot. I am turning—shift by shift—into who I really am and love to be.
As an actor, the Immediate Shift Method is of profound help for me to prepare before stage performances. It liberates me immediately from patterns of doubt or self-criticism, and helps me to settle into a playful, relaxed, and creative state.

Another important fruit of the training is that I am now more aware whenever I am in the ‘Fight-Flight-Freeze-Response’—an over-toned state of the nervous system. And I use the Immediate Shift Method to shift out of it. That makes me much more quieted and grounded during the day. I am more present in my heart and more available for others.

Some evenings I use the method to prepare for going to bed, to calm down from the day. I used to stay in a highly active nervous system until the very last moment before falling asleep. Now, I relax whenever I feel it is necessary. Wonderful!”

Peter K., München (Germany)

“The Immediate Shift Method has been life-changing and life-giving for me. I had been experiencing chronic fatigue and depression for many years. For the last 3 months I would wake up with a feeling of dread for the day ahead and would often sneak back into bed soon after breakfast to sleep again, and to curl up in the pain and hopelessness I was feeling so much of the time.

I had heard about the Immediate Shift workshop but was reluctant to take the course because I already knew that it was in my power as awareness to heal myself, and I knew that all I had to do was shift my perspective when dullness and heaviness arose. However, although I knew how to do this, I wasn’t doing it. Then one day I received an invitation to the workshop. When imagining myself taking the course I saw my heart wide open and sunshine coming into my face. My belief that I can heal myself quickly was already activated. I arrived at the workshop ready to change. And I did—quite significantly.

Over the years I have done a lot of work on myself, attended many workshops and relied on professionals to help me shift and heal. What I love about the Immediate Shift Method is that it gives you a tool that you can take home and do all by yourself, which is incredibly empowering… and cost and time effective! It is quick and simple, so it can be done anytime, anywhere (even in public washrooms if needed!). This enables you to catch your bad habits as soon as they arise—which is key to rapid change.

It has been a month since completing the workshop and I no longer wake with dread and then crawl back into bed after breakfast. Instead, I wake with purpose and enthusiasm and I maintain that state throughout the day. My nails are long for the first time in years and I have energy to exercise everyday. It is still delicate in me. I can often feel the old patterns hovering close by, but when I see or feel that, I know it’s time to do the process. This way I am no longer afraid of the black cloud taking me over again, as I have my constant companion: the Immediate Shift Method. I have my life in my own hands again. It has been a true gift.

As facilitators, Ernst and Susann combine their many abilities to hold a friendly, safe, playful–yet firm–space. They kindly allow no room for being a victim or coming from old ways of thinking. They simply and beautifully leave you no choice but to leap playfully into an Immediate Shift.”

Sally R., Edmonton (Canada)

“Best workshop I ever attended! Unforgettable, life-changing, humorous and very lively. It was sweet to see how Susann and Ernst interacted. With such lightness and togetherness. Their sharing of their own difficulties and experiences was very supportive. We were all in it together. The weakest system in my body was my nervous system. Now it has calmed down to a normal level. I notice a very different way of being in my body. There is an unusual restedness and well-being in me. Calmness in any situation, with much more heart. It’s a new life!”

Heidi P., München (Germany)

“I recently finished an Immediate Shift workshop with Susann and Ernst and would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in heart oriented work. They bring together a wealth of information, technique and experience as a couple, individuals and therapists. In styles and personalities, Susan and Ernst complement each other wonderfully as they introduced the material and as they responded to and worked with each participant. The information presented was very accessible and the atmosphere was welcoming and supportive.

I had always been interested in the research around neuroplasticity but its application remained a mystery. The Immediate Shift offers practical techniques that anyone can do using the heart center as the access point as well as other body based therapies which were effectively taught and utilized. I found these to be particularly effective in helping me to become present, connect with my body and heart as I participated in the workshop, learned the techniques and am now practicing them successfully at home on my own.

 My experiences in this workshop were very positive and life affirming. Through the weekend’s process, by my heart being touched so many times in so many ways by each person in the group including the facilitators, I came into brilliant clarity what my heart has the capacity for. I completely “know” that it is through my heart, that all unfolding and connecting is possible. It was an empowering and powerful experience that continues to remind me moment to moment that I have a choice. I can live entrenched in old patterns or I can SHIFT and live in and from my heart.

So that is my commitment to myself, to nourish and support my heart to open, encompass, embrace and connect and come into its fullness using the tools Susann and Ernst have provided. Thank you.”

Gretchen S., Vernon, BC (Canada)

I have a wonderful life… and after the Immediate Shift Workshop, my life is even better! Whenever a belief, pattern, feeling or tension comes into my body, I take a moment and give myself the ‘Immediate Shift’. Within a minute my mood changes to availability, relaxation and curiosity, open to what is asked of me.

I never knew that my happy feelings actually make me very agitated. Now with doing the Immediate Shift Method, I am more able to ground myself, becoming less and less anxious. It’s amazing how the ritual of the Immediate Shift becomes a moment of contemplation throughout many, many, many moments of the day.

I also notice how my life is moving forward positively and that I have way more time to do things than I ever thought. I love to be authentic; to be fully me without compromise!”

Sylvia v L., Edmonton (Canada)

“Prior to the Immediate Shift workshop, I was increasingly experiencing symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. The symptoms included constant swollen and painful glands in my neck, armpits and groin area. My fatigue was increasing to the point of which I was pulling back from nearly all social engagements so that I could go to bed earlier and earlier, often 8:00 or 8:30 PM. If I stayed out late one night, until 10 PM, I would be extremely tired or even sick with a cold for the next week. It felt like my life was getting smaller and smaller and was being increasingly run by the CFS/ME.

I was thrilled to hear about the Immediate Shift workshop Susann and Ernst offer. Following the Immediate Shift workshop my symptoms are completely gone. I stayed up until 11:30 PM or later every night for the next two weeks, enjoying such beautiful and fun time spent with other people. Not only are my symptoms gone, but I am also really enjoying being able to connect with others in a meaningful and full way. I am confident that as I keep up with the process, my symptoms will become a thing of the past.

That is a big WOW for an ‘incurable’ illness. I cannot thank Ernst and Susann enough.”

Leanne H., Edmonton (Canada)

“Doing the Immediate Shift training gave me an astounding shift back into my own power. It brought me again in contact with my true, kind nature and helped me shift my focus to the loveliness that I am. It gave me a ‘shifting’ tool which I can use any moment of the day to support me staying on the right track.

Ernst and Susann were coaching us in such a dear way, full of humor and sparkle, with many examples from their own lives. If you wish to change something in your life, the Immediate Shift training is a true leap forward.”

Dorine S., Edmonton (Canada)

“Der Immediate Shift Workshop war für mich das Effektivste, was ich jemals an methodischer Lebensunterstützung erlebt habe. Ob verschiedene Therapieformen, Trainings oder spirituelle Seminare, so leicht anwendbar und lebensnah habe ich bisher nichts empfunden.

Die Methode ist ein sehr pragmatisches Handwerkszeug, mit dem man alle negativen Gedanken im Leben täglich in positive Perspektiven verwandeln kann.

Susann und Ernst sind sehr einfühlsame und überzeugende Coaches, die Ihre Teilnehmer wunderbar durch das Seminar führen und in allen Fragen vertrauensvoll begleiten.
Ich persönlich habe in allen Lebensbereichen eine sofortige Wirkung und Verbesserung meines Gesamtzustandes erlebt und es bereichert mich sehr, dass ich endlich einen gut umsetzbaren Weg gefunden habe, der meine Entwicklung täglich positiv beeinflussen kann.”

Anja M., München (Germany)

“I attended Susann and Ernst’s Immediate Shift workshop in March 2016 and could not have been more delighted. Susann and Ernst facilitated with warm-heartedness, humor, kind insight and an ease, which made the group feel very safe and connected. I must say that the person I was when I started the workshop on the Friday afternoon, burdened with stress and exhaustion, was not the same person who left on Sunday afternoon!  

Since the workshop, I have used the Immediate Shift Method regularly with myself and have found that I have ‘new eyes’ to see the world. I have also used some of the knowledge I gained to help my clients, and have enjoyed seeing their delight in shifting out of problem-focus into simple joy.”

Vistara Conway, Registered Psychologist, Edmonton (Canada)

“I enjoyed the Immediate Shift workshop and definitely recommend it to others, including my wife who will be taking it soon!

The Method itself and the warm, personable manner in which the workshop is taught and coached– were really good.

For me, the highlights of the class were Susann’s enthusiasm and confidence in the course, and the warmth and focus that both Ernst and Susann have. I also really appreciated the tone, context and support they offered to allow people in the class to really shine. I thought that the structure of the Immediate Shift Method is innovative and overall an extremely empowering tool.”

 Joel K., Edmonton (Canada)

“Ich kann diesen Workshop nur wärmstens empfehlen!!! Ich habe ihn vor 2 Monaten mitgemacht und nutze die Methode jeden Tag. 
Absolut genial und praktisch kann man damit ohne Hilfe von außen sein Leben „aufräumen“ 
und eingefleischte Gefühls- und Gedankenmuster sofort verändern sobald sie auftauchen. 
Durch konsequentes Anwenden der einfachen Methode bildet man in kurzer Zeit neue Bahnen im Gehirn und verändert so sein Leben.

 Als Schauspielerin fühlte ich mich in den letzten Jahren mehr und mehr meinem Lampenfieber ausgeliefert, Proben und Auftritte waren mit Angst und Ohnmacht verknüpft, was mich unglaublich viel Energie gekostet hat. Durch die Immediate Shift Methode habe ich gelernt der Angst keinen Fokus mehr zu geben, sondern mich wieder auf die Dinge zu besinnen, die mir in meiner Arbeit etwas bedeuten und die durch die Angst völlig übertönt wurden.

2 Monate nach dem Workshop hatte ich einen wunderbaren Auftritt, den ich von Anfang bis Ende genießen konnte. Ich habe das Gefühl, daß ich nach vielen vergeblichen Versuchen einen großen Schritt weitergekommen bin in der Heilung meines Angstmusters.

Danke an Ernst und Susann, die den Kurs mit viel Einfühlungsvermögen, reichem Erfahrungsschatz und einer guten Mischung aus großer Klarheit, Leichtigkeit und Humor angeleitet haben.”

Rahel C., München (Germany)